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I have listed below the 3 types of editing that I generally perform. Different projects call for different types of editing, and I would be happy to help you decide which service best fits your needs.

Proofreading: This includes a word-for-word comparison of a document (usually formatted material or page proofs) against the previously edited version of the same document. I will look for any inconsistencies and will be on the lookout for typos. 

Copyediting: This is the most common type of editorial service. It includes editing for  mechanics of style such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, word usage, and internal consistency. I will also ensure adherence to AP style, The Chicago Manual of Style, AMA style, or your house style guide. Copyediting is objective (based on rules).

Substantive copyediting: In addition to copyediting, this type of editing includes careful attention to organization, clarity, and structure while ensuring the piece serves its intended audience. Substantive copyediting is subjective (based on judgement).